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If you are a student participating in classes, then you have experienced many moments, despite having an important examination, it was difficult to organize and study itself.

If you are like most students, then you stopped studying till the last time. One night before the exam, you stay all night, sleep will not be complete. In the morning, you will pull yourself out of bed, you can go to the examination by feeling yourself tired, dry and irritable, with a lot of coffee and some cigarettes, mentally and at the same time. You will find it difficult to concentrate or think, and you will not be quick to start studying yourself.
And it’s not surprising, as long as you do not bless with natural glow, or you know the subject very well, you probably do very bad on the test.
If this is the specific way of your study, you already know that this does not work. Every time you pass through this ritual, you tell yourself that you will be smart next time you are going to face a big test. The next time you start studying weeks from the beginning, you say. But instead, you keep repeating this crazy pattern. Why does this keep happening? And if you want to get better points then what should you do?

A big problem for most people, especially the young students, is that life gets in the way. If you are a student, you probably have a part-time job, and like most young people, you also want a social life.
Studying can be very boring just like all the exciting temptations right outside your door. Or play on your computer. Even seeing the old reunion of Sesame Street can be more interesting than biology lessons, which your teachers are hoping to master you!

One reason we do not start studying often is that until the last possible minute does not happen, we have misinterpreted that how much time will it take to actually absorb and understand the content. If your medieval still is six weeks away, it may seem that you have a lot of time left to study. However, you may know that the subject matter is very difficult as you thought it would be, and suddenly someone would not have any time left to ask that you could explain it.

Another reason we often start with studies is that we are very overwhelmed by how big a project really is. Somehow we explain to ourselves that closing a difficult study project can be the best way to avoid being overwhelmed.

When we have to face a study project which seems exceptionally difficult and heavy, it may be to maintain high level of interest and motivation for the duration of the learning process.

If you are guilty of all these bad study habits, then there is no delay in learning some other habits that will work better for you.
First of all, remind yourself why you want to do better in your studies. You may need good points to go to a good college. Maybe you want a career in a career that will pay you well. Always keep in mind your ultimate goal.
You can put small cards around your room with inspirational messages and catchy pictures that will remind you why you want to be good at school.
If you feel overwhelmed, you can improve your motivation and your performance by breaking the project into smaller sections, or “chunks”. Every time you successfully complete a little bit, give yourself a meaningful award.

If you have an expired time, then decide how much you need to deal with the project at a time.
Suppose you have six weeks to master the content of a hard biology lesson. Through the book, you discover that if you study one chapter every night, you can get it in 28 days through the book, leaving two weeks in which you can review the content again.

With this knowledge you can speed yourself up. You know what your assignment is. You know how much you need to read every night. Concentrate on immediate tasks in hand. You do not have to feel overwhelmed by the whole book at a time. After this, prepare a system of rewards for yourself. Whenever you master a chapter, and give big awards to complete the entire book, give yourself a series of small awards.
To get reward for work, they should be instant, and personally meaningful to you. If you hate fishing, there is no point in rewarding yourself with a fishing rod.

If there is anything else which will really motivate and inspire you, then there is no need to reward physical goods. How about attending a special concert, or about a special trip? You decide. Be creative and think of something that will motivate you to take action.
It is very important to get the reward soon after the work is done. This creates a sense of positive reinforcement. Every time you finish a small part of the job, and give a big reward on completion of the project. If activity and ina



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