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Study Skills: Do you start reading at one end of your library and try to read from the other end?
Not at all. So you already know an effective approach. Be selective! We can build on it.
More study skills – what to do to study
Full books
Your lecturer asks you to read “war and peace”. If you have study skills then you will not! Even with the right memory – how much you can cover the book in an examination essay that takes 40 minutes to write?
Look for short versions of your books, or through the library for comments … now you are using your study skills.
Buy your textbooks with the other hand. Why do you think they are in the right position? Because the last students barely opened them!
Why should you buy books that the final student did not read? Now you are thinking! Now you are using study skills.
Complete syllabus
One of the benefits of attending classes is that you get a skeleton outline to implement your study skills. The skeleton will be completed for completeness. But only a few parts count for your study skills.
Study yourself – are you interesting you are not?
Write down each day that you do not feel like using your study skills, and actually can get down to work. When you hate to study, write that time. I study first in the morning. You can study till late night.
Do you work perfectly with silent room, or background music?
Do you work better if you are cheating the dog or does it interfere with your study skills?
Use your spying study skills
Find previous exam papers in the library. Place them in sequence, then pass as soon as possible, and write topics in a column on the left side of your page. Enter the date at the top of the second column and make a tick for each topic. Now the date of the next paper and a tick opposite each subject, which can be repeated, and write in any new topic.
Do the same for all the years that you have. Why is it important to date? Look at your desk. If a subject is seen from the left side every year, then suddenly it disappears, it means that the examiner has changed. Study all the topics that come before each year. Then study the studies that appear four out of five years … you get this idea.
Important Study Skills – Make A Calendar
Plan in detail what topics you will study on the days of the exam.
Do not be too ambitious You already know that in some time of the day you can not use your study skills. You know that you want to be realistic on your birthday or Christmas day … or just … A calendar that lets you study more than a thousand hours, it is not as good that gives you 400 hours which you can stick.
Become an expert
You have used your study skills to cut a large portion of your syllabus. Use to save time to learn more about the parts you have learned by the examinee. Use the Internet to discover exciting snippets of information about your little curriculum.
Perhaps your tester is not aware of the exact day of the week, on which day was an important part of history. Perhaps you have forgotten what you read about it, but write your best guess. The examiner will be affected, because he does not know that you felt it wrong!
Study the skills for the exam day
Everyone will tell you that if you do not know it, then it is too late to learn. they are wrong! They are talking about long-term memory. You’ll use short-term memory
As you are sitting outside the Examination Room, study your sources, or dates, or something, which you have difficulty in remembering. Whenever the tester says that you can start writing, then write down all these things on the scrap paper. You managed to remember them for ten minutes. Now you can forget them till you need them again, which can never be.
Study the skills in the exam
“This is not allowed!” Thank you Its permission is definitely. If you have a multiple-choice paper then remember every question you do not know. Generally there is another related question somewhere. When you look at it, you will solve the answer to the question you did not know. Is not that the study?
Study smart – not more than everyone. Start with a free report on the most powerful examination techniques.

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