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Every year, with more than 100,000 college students studying abroad, they have to walk through all kinds of long stories, urban legends and misinformation. Although some of these stories may have cereals of truth, there are some common misconceptions about studying abroad below.

Misunderstanding # 1: Studying abroad is very expensive.
Truth: In most cases, it is actually cheaper to study overseas. Explain that your school tuition is $ 5,000 per room and the board and board $ 4,000. Now add additional fees like health insurance, books and laundry. You are now more than $ 10,000 for the semester. Well, one of our programs in Spain is under $ 10,000 per semester and includes everything other than spending your airfare and money.

Misunderstanding # 2: I can not use my financial aid to study abroad.
Truth: In almost all cases, your Federal Assistance (Staff loan, Pell Grant etc.) can be used to study abroad and in some states, you can also use your state aid. When you can not transfer some of your school scholarships, it is not too unusual to increase your federal support to study abroad.

Misconception # 3: The host family are all poor and do just for the money.
Truth: The last thing any company studying abroad is that there is a miserable student in his program. The target students are to be happy so that they can tell their friends how much time they had. If we are putting students into bad families, in hazardous areas, then no one will ever recommend us to their friends. Since the number of universities supporting our program has doubled in comparison to last year, it is a definite condition that students are happy with the choices of our families.

Misunderstanding # 4: I will be so busy studying in school that I do not have the time to see the country in which I am.
Truth: This is a strange way because your average study abroad comes home from a long list of countries with about 400+ photos from the countries. Students have many opportunities to travel and we take our students on trips to give them a better experience for the countries they are in.

Misconception # 5: If I go abroad, I can not graduate on time.
Truth: If you have already used all of your elective or general education courses, it is true that you may need to take part in courses before or after leaving abroad. If you plan ahead, but, and leave some electives open, you should be right. In spite of being away from the premises of the semester or two, the clear majority of students studying abroad are under four years of graduation.

Misconception # 6: Most of the world hates the Americans, so I will not be safe.
Truth: There is no doubt that there are many people who are not like the US government, but it has nothing to do with American people. If you compare the violent crime rates of European, Australian or Asian countries in the United States, you will see that the United States is actually far more dangerous. There are some areas of South America and Africa that are not particularly safe, but there are also many countries on those continents that are incredibly safe. Visit the US State Department’s website and investigate the crime statistics of the country in which you are interested in how safe it is.
Studying abroad is a lifetime opportunity, which should be availed by every college student. Before dismissing it due to the bad experience of any of your friends or rumors, talk to a foreign adviser and get the facts with your study. I guarantee that once you are studying abroad, you can make your offer, you are flying the first time abroad.

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